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Intro to Anything + Everything Blog
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Feb 16, 2023 02:50 PM
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Content to expect

Honestly, I am not exactly sure. I write everywhere else with structure, intent, and audiences in mind. There I use the word WE a lot but mostly write in the 3rd person. This blog and the content within are fully from my perspective and my experiences.

I seek to post content that

  • asks questions I do not have many answers, but many questions
  • share/test ideas I have a lot of these. Are they any good? 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • expresses art — mine and others’
  • provide value — on my best days

Content NOT to expect

I do not want to add more noise to the experiments: the internet, society, and civilization. I will not accept disinformation and I will monitor myself for such violations. I will correct the misinformation I create, where and when I can. I will be at peace if I am just entertaining, as long as it is an expression that brings me joy and does no harm. I want to bring value to the web — to anyone who sees and hears my content — but also get value back.
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See the about page for more about this blog and me.

I do not run ads, sell shit, or have sponsors.

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You are still here 🤙🏽

Okay, well, you seem interested in this blog but need some direction. Perhaps these calls-to-action will move you…
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See my note (coming soon)
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